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Documents Needed for Scholarship Application

In today’s article on Scholarshipreg, I’ll be showing you 10 required documents for scholarship application so read this article carefully, it is important and highly recommend for international students.
It is necessary for you to provide some documents when applying for any scholarship, some of the documents will contain your personal information etc.
Below are the 10 documents you need to apply for a scholarship:
1. Application form: There is no way you can get a scholarship without an application form, this is the first and most important requirement. You’ll need to either fill in the scholarship application form on the host website or fill/write on to a specific email.
2. Essay: Most institution or any host offering scholarship do ask for this, like I mentioned earlier some of the documents contains your personal information, I’m this essay you’ll have to mention why you choose the course you want and why you decide to study it where you selected.
3. Grades or Test Score: You should know that scholarships are based on merit and some can be highly competitive, you need to supply your GPA, SAT and the like, for example to make merit list in some scholarship, you’ve to Target between 1200 and 1600 SAT score.
4. Passport/ID: As an international student applying for foreign scholarship, you need this so that you can travel to your place of study.
5. Statement of Purpose: This is very similar to the Essay document mentioned above in the article, it is highly important.
Below are other necessary documents needed to apply for scholarship:
6. CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume
7. Medical Certificate
8. Copies of transcripts/diplomas
9. Transcripts
10. Educational Documents
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