Day 1 CPT Colleges: List of All Universities offering CPT from Day 1

There are several Day 1 CPT colleges for overseas students who desire to study in the United States of America, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral levels. This means you’ll be fully employed and earning a salary while pursuing your educational goals. The main purpose of these Day 1 CPT institutions is to provide students with the chance to gain real-world experience in their chosen industry.

It should also be mentioned that not all colleges provide Curriculum Practical Training to their students. Essentially, Day 1 CPT allows international students to begin working during their first semester of enrollment in a program or after completing their first year of study at their respective universities. Students on an F-1 visa are entitled to attend any Day 1 CPT college, according to the standards. As a result, various colleges in the United States offer courses for students to obtain Curriculum Practical Training. Let’s have a look at the CPT colleges for Day 1. However, before we get into it, I recommend that you read through the preceding instruction on Day 1 CPT basics.

Different Day 1 CPT Colleges

The following are the many Day 1 CPT colleges, and they are as follows:

1. University of Cumberlands

Located in Williamsburg, Kentucky, this university offers a variety of courses. Because it was created by a Baptist minister, the school is based on Christian beliefs. The majority of the courses at this university are related to Liberal Arts in some way. Undergraduates can choose from a variety of programs, including master’s and doctoral degrees.

The University of Cumberlands offers a wide range of courses, including Physician Assistant Studies, Psychology, and Business Administration. Education is one of the school’s most important programs, and it spans multiple levels. Any student interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in a field such as psychology should be aware that they will be required to conduct extensive research.

2. United States University

Located in San Diego, California, the United States University is a public research university. For students interested in a variety of subjects, there are a number of Day 1 CPT colleges to choose from. Health Science, Business Management, and a variety of other courses are among them. Based on its previous achievements, the organization has received widespread acclaim.

Since its founding 22 years ago, the institution has provided orientation to immigrants in order to assist them to authenticate their degrees in the United States of America. The good news is that it is applicable to both undergraduate and graduate programs. This makes it easier for international students to enroll in any U.S. university. This makes it easier for international students to enroll in any U.S. university.

3. Vanderbilt University 

It was founded in 1873 and was originally known as Cornelius Vanderbilt. Cornelius Vanderbilt University was named after him because he was the school’s primary patron. Despite its small size in comparison to other universities, the university has four undergraduate schools and six postgraduate schools.

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It is one of the Day 1 CPT colleges that offers a variety of courses. The entire student population of the institution is estimated to be approximately 12,800 students. One of the school’s most notable aspects is its fantastic library, which is shared with other libraries and has proven to be a valuable resource for students who have enrolled.

4. New Jersey Institute of Technology

It is a well-researched school in the state of New Jersey. It was founded in 1981 with the goal of engineering, but it has since expanded to include additional faculties and departments. According to data, over 10,000 students have enrolled, with over 66 postgraduate programs offered to those who choose to study at the school.

The school’s various courses have made it easier for potential students to apply to other programs such as law and healthcare. The New Jersey Institute of Technology has produced a number of significant persons, including scientists, engineers, and other prominent members of society. Other fields in other humanities, such as art and design, have recently been added to the university’s curriculum.

5. International Technological University

This is a Day 1 CPT institution in San Jose, California, that provides both master’s and doctoral degrees. It is a new university with a tiny student body. The International Technological University offered a doctorate in philosophy alongside a master’s degree in software engineering in 1994. As a result, it demonstrates the school’s various versatility.

Since its inception, the school has grown in a variety of ways and undergone significant growth in order to accommodate its expanding student body. There are enough laboratories for individuals in the engineering faculties to complete their practicals.

6. Campbellsville University:

This is one of the Kentucky-based Day 1 CPT colleges. It offers a variety of degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and associate’s degrees. Despite the fact that it is considered a minor university, it has over 4,000 students. It was created as a Baptist institution in the beginning, and it has remained that way since its foundation in 2024.

The university’s main purpose is to promote values that are in line with the school’s founding principles. Education, music, and the arts are only a few of the institution’s major schools. This has helped to demonstrate Campbellsville University’s stronghold on the arts and humanities.

7. Westcliff University

It is one of the Day 1 CPT colleges in the United States, and it is located in California. Westcliff University is located in Irvine, California. The college of business & the college of education are the two colleges that makeup Westcliff University. The college of business offers everything from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, including master’s and doctorate degrees.

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Wrapping Up

Day 1 CPT colleges offer a variety of services to help overseas students succeed in their various faculties or departments. The finest thing a person can do is find someone who can match their needs and help them reach their full potential.

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