Easy Scholarship For Average Students – 5 Easy Scholarships That Require Essays Only


Easy Scholarship For Average Students - 5 Easy Scholarships That Require Essays OnlyIf you are particular about the type of scholarship program you want to get, you may not be able to qualify for any at all. Today, few scholarships are available for average students or those who have never received straight A’s on their report cards. However, just because you weren’t an Einstein prodigy in high school doesn’t mean you can’t get a college scholarship now. Thankfully, you can apply for a simple scholarship—that is, one that is not contingent on the applicant’s previous academic performance.

Most scholarship programs nowadays assess a person’s academic standing or income report when determining their eligibility. The unfortunate aspect of this system is that students who do not fall into these two critical groups are frequently disregarded and, in most cases, do not qualify for scholarships. An easy scholarship is designed to give typical kids the opportunity to attend college despite their low high school grades. To put it differently, you mustn’t be a genius to win a college scholarship. Simply being yourself is enough to qualify for just a simple scholarship.

Today, several scholarships award students with cash prizes ranging from $500 to $8,000. Furthermore, some of these scholarships are easier to apply for than other well-known scholarships. Simply completing an essay or joining the school’s sports team might earn you a scholarship. Other scholarships need merely that you apply for the program and wait for the government or sponsors to select your application from among the many others.

There are scholarship programs that accommodate students based on the quality of their essays rather than their academic standing. Instead of looking at their high school records, the sponsors look at the content of their essays. If you enjoy writing, applying for programs like these may increase your chances of receiving a scholarship—that is, if you have always been an average student in high school or at your previous school.

  • The Ayn Rand Institute offers a $10,000 award and scholarship for the finest essay regarding Ayn Rand’s work The Fountainhead.
  • The School Band and Orchestra Magazine Scholarship is awarded to foreign/international students who show a strong interest in music. Simply write an original essay about how music has influenced your life (positively or negatively), among other things, to be eligible.
  • The SPACE is interested in hearing your thoughts on space exploration. If you can put that into words in an essay, you might be eligible for a $1, 000 grant.
  • The OP Loftbed Scholarship is funded by a loft-bed retailer. You may receive a $500 scholarship if you can explain how you plan to use loft beds in your college dorm.
  • Finally, the Calgon Take Me Away to College Contest awards around $8, 000 to youngsters who can answer two questions in an essay format. This competition is just for women.

If academic scholarships are too difficult for you to pass, an easy scholarship would be a better alternative to earning free money for your college education. More importantly, the conditions for these types of scholarships are simple to meet, so you won’t have to stress about taking admission examinations or passing additional documentation.

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