Five Wacky Scholarships That Exist And You Might Qualify For

What are the five Wacky scholarships that exist and you might qualify for? For students seeking financial assistance with the high costs of college, there are a variety of scholarships available. Here are the five prizes that will be given out… if anyone applies. You may be eligible for one of these scholarships if you are taller than average, shorter than most, left-handed, overweight, or enjoy skateboarding.

Every year, a growing number of modest private scholarships are provided, each with its own set of requirements for applicants. As a result, it is critical for students to use scholarship search tools to assist them to find all of the financial aid, scholarship, and endowment possibilities that may be available.

Here are five of my favorites, but there are lots more that can assist a wide range of other odd candidates. If you have special interests, or physical or personality characteristics, you should look for them and see if there are any scholarship options that are tailored to you.

1. The Billy Barty Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Billy Barty (The scholarship for the short)

The Billy Barty Foundation provides financial aid to students with low stature. Although I am short, I am not quite short enough to be eligible for this award. A person must be under 4′ 10′′ tall and have medical evidence of dwarfism. The award will be $1,000 to qualified beneficiaries, and it may be renewed annually based on the number of applicants.

2. International Tall Clubs Scholarship (The scholarship for the tall)

You might be eligible for this obscure scholarship if you find yourself crouching down to access doorways. You can be considered for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship if you are a male 6′2′′ or a female 5′10′′ in height. You’ll need to obtain sponsorship for an application by contacting their local membership club. You will be required to compose a simple essay about “being tall” in order to be considered for a $1,000 prize.

3. The Fredrick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship is number three (The left-handed scholarship)

If you are left-handed and want to attend Juniata College in Pennsylvania, you will meet all of the requirements for this scholarship. Applicants may get up to $1,000 in prize money. Not terrible for left-handed youngsters who believe they are at a disadvantage. This is perceived as a disadvantage by many “lefties,” yet you are in the minority in all circumstances. Because just 10% of the US population is left-handed, competition for this prize is restricted.

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4. Scholarship from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (The scholarship for the overweight)

This is a one-time-only scholarship for overweight New England high school seniors. You must submit an essay with your application and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants must be single and enrolled in a college or university in one of the following states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont. The $500 prize will be given to two students each year. So, if you’re a little overweight and unmarried, you might be able to earn some extra financial aid for college.

5. Patrick Kerr Scholarship for Skateboarding (The scholarship for skateboarders)

Skateboarding is not only a lot of fun for many youngsters, but it also comes with a scholarship for students with a GPA of 2.5 or above. You will be required to compose an essay explaining how skateboarding has benefited your life and submit it with your application. A $5,000 scholarship or one of three $1,000 runner-up awards is available to the winners. The Tony Hawk Foundation, I believe, is now also involved in this effort.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it. If you know what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of money available for students. You might be in luck if you Google a search term that includes the word scholarship and come up with a website. Give it a shot to see whether there’s money for college just waiting for you to react.

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