Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Scholarships in Germany for International Students? Germany, as an outstanding destination for international students, provides some of the best conditions for pursuing a degree while also experiencing true German culture. There are numerous reasons why Germany is a popular location for international students, beginning with the fact that it is actually affordable for the majority of people.

Living in Germany as an international student is less expensive than comparable study destinations outside of Europe. However, living in a foreign nation while being far from home necessitates having excellent financial management abilities.

The cost of living in Germany is projected to be approximately €853 monthly month. Since this can be challenging for international students, there exist programs that allow students to apply for financial assistance in the form of a scholarship. We’ve put up a list of foreign student scholarships in Germany that you might find useful and interesting.

Below are prominent scholarships in Germany for international/foreign students:

1- Scholarship Programs of the DAAD

The German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD, is a cooperative organization of Germany’s higher education institutions that is responsible for promoting international academic ties. They promote student, academic, and research interchange by providing scholarships and financing to international students, graduate students, and scientists studying in Germany.

The DAAD scholarships are given to students who intend to pursue a degree in a full-time program. Applicants must have finished their bachelor’s degree within the last six years and have at least two years of relevant job experience. The DAAD fellowship pays 850€ per month to postgraduate students and 1,200€ per month to doctoral students.

If you search the DAAD database, you will get a list of all available scholarships as well as countless programs offered by various universities.

2- Scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Germany

Annually, the Heinrich Böll Foundation awards approximately 1,200 scholarships to exceptional undergraduates, graduates, and doctorate students from all disciplines and countries. These students should be pursuing their education at German state or state-recognized universities. Scholarship recipients should have strong academic records and be politically and socially active, as well as a passion for ideals such as environment, sustainability, democracy, human rights, self-determination, and justice.

In addition to individual allowances, non-EU master’s students will earn 850€ per month (tuition fees might be possible). EU students at the same level of study will earn 649 euros per month plus 300 euros in book money. It is given for the usual academic year, with the option of an additional semester.

3- National Scholarship Program DeutschlandStipendium

The Deutschlandstipendium provides financial assistance to motivated and intellectually exceptional students from all around the world. It provides financial assistance to students at all participating universities in Germany, regardless of nationality, or personal or parental income. The scholarship is made possible by a public-private partnership in which firms, foundations, or individuals sponsor students with a monthly payment of 150€, with the Federal Government contributing another 150€. Because this prize is given out by universities, applicants must meet the specific conditions of each one.

4- Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung International Student Scholarships in Germany

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship is open to students who have excelled academically and have a strong interest in politics. This scholarship program is intentionally designed to help international/foreign students and Ph.D. students who have finished their undergraduate studies in their home or local university. This fellowship is for students interested in pursuing a postgraduate, doctoral, or research degree. Students of Ph.D. candidates from underdeveloped nations or countries through political transformation will be given priority.

5- Erasmus Scholarship Programs in German

Erasmus is also a good option for overseas students interested in pursuing a full-time study program in Germany. Erasmus is an EU-wide scholarship sponsored by member states of the European Union that provides financial help to overseas students attending German institutions for one-year exchange periods. You must be enrolled in a higher education institution and both your home university and the German university must have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in order to receive the scholarship to Germany.

6- Scholarship from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Another possibility is the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung scholarship, which aims to promote social democracy by providing financial aid to students. Foreign applicants studying or pursuing their doctorate in Germany at a state or state-recognized institution of applied sciences are eligible for the award. These pupils are projected to perform academically above average. For individuals interested in social sciences, politics, or the humanities, this is a good alternative.

Even if the course you are studying is in plain English, you must demonstrate exceptional German language skills to be considered or eligible for this scholarship. Only 40 people each year from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe will be accepted into this funding program, therefore spots are restricted. Undergraduate scholarship recipients will get a monthly payment of 830€. Master’s degree students will get 850€ per month in addition to health insurance charges.

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