Sports Scholarships – One Way to Reduce the College Tuition Bill For the Future College Athlete!

How Much Spare Change Will You Need?

The typical cost of college tuition with room and board now is roughly $25,000 for an in-state public institution and around $40,000 for a private university, not adding books, fees, and spending money, let alone airfare if your student-athlete is attending from out of state. Between 1994 and 2004, the cost of a college education climbed by 53 percent for public schools and 47 percent for private institutions, both above inflations. This college tuition expense will not decrease! Should you consider college sports scholarships for your potential college athlete? Could these scholarships afford some educational flexibility?

That was the situation with a high school senior who opted to play collegiate basketball late five years ago. Our daughter, on the other hand, was not an excellent athlete; in fact, her high school coach rated her as a D-III at most, and potentially a D-II if she stretched. Because no instructor was pounding on her door, we had not really considered college sports scholarships! In fact, institutions and colleges have limited college coaches’ recruiting resources; they can no longer personally recruit as many potential college athletes as they formerly could. Unless you’re the parent of a student-athlete who is not a top performer, you and your student-athlete would most likely have had to look for sports scholarships on your own.

To assist minimize the exorbitant cost of college tuition nowadays, your future college athlete will have to undertake his or her own recruitment.

Who Is Allowed to Play?

We discovered that about 5% of high school players go on to play college sports during our investigation to see if we could locate her with a college sports scholarship and minimize her tuition expense. We also discovered that sports scholarships are available outside of the NCAA, as well as the “usual suspects” like football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. We also discovered that great D-III schools with very competitive sports programs provide academic scholarships to high school student-athletes.

We didn’t want our daughter to be one of the 95 percent of student-athletes who don’t get to play college sports! She has the will, work ethic, and talent to succeed. We devised a strategy to assist her, and she was offered a walk-on scholarship at a Big East D-I school in Chicago, as well as two D-III academic scholarships and, eventually, a D-I scholarship at a West Coast Conference institution.

In our research, which included meeting with college coaches, high school counselors, athletic directors, and other parents, we discovered that the majority of the focus is on the elite potential college player, who coaches actively pursue. Athletes who are talented but not necessarily superstars appear to receive less attention. Young athletes who are not starters on their high school teams, have had injuries, or are late bloomers could be among them. We also saw other high school athletes who were unsure where to begin their hunt for an athletic scholarship (D-I and D-II) or an intellectual scholarship (D-III). Or, their parents were really not knowledgeable about the world of college athletics.

College Athletics – Play to Earn an Education!

And what we discovered was that there was a lot of information on athletic scholarships, but not so much about how to pick a good academic program to go along with it. Because most college players do not go on to play professionally, the goal of an athletic scholarship is to allow a student-athlete to continue playing their sport while also pursuing a college education. And we believe that is still really valuable. Universities and colleges are starting to see the big picture: acquiring a strong education to prepare for life’s “game.” Even the NCAA is paying more attention to the student in student-athlete.

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We’ve created a simple, user-friendly approach to assist student-athletes and their parents in navigating the college sports scholarship market. We also provide useful resources, forms for collecting and tracking data, and a mechanism for parents to assist their student-athletes in obtaining an objective assessment of their talent and understanding how to support their strengths while working on their faults. Continue to play! The Athletics Scholarship System is a six-step, turn-key method for locating a strong college athletic program, a sports scholarship, and a decent academic program. This technique will assist you in finding a college sports scholarship and doing your own college recruitment!

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